Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during massage?

You can expect a professional massage based on the modality you choose. I focus on muscles you specify as either problem muscles or muscles that I can tell need work. To keep you a fully functioning machine I work on all muscles UNLESS told otherwise.

What is your availability?

I begin massages at 9:00am and end no later than 8pm. My days are flexible and dependent on your availability.

How do I schedule a massage?

To set up an appointment you can either call or text the number provided. You let me know what day and time you are wanting to schedule and I will see if there is availablity. Ideally I would like a 24 hour notice in case any arrangements need to be made on my end. However, I may be available same day as well.

Difference between your location vs our location?

Whether you are more comfortable at your location or would rather be at my location, it’s based on your comfort and convenience.

Cancellation notice policy?

There is no specific cancellation policy. I would prefer you notify me 12 hrs or more before you cancel, however, life happens. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Please note that if you no-show without notifying, it is unlikely that I will continue to do business with you.

What happens after the massage?

After the massage, we will discuss my findings during the massage.

Is there any talking during massage?

The only talking I do is assuring pressure and comfort is to the clients liking. Otherwise my focus is completely on you and your relaxed state. I understand some people feel the need to chit chat which is ok, but it may take away from the full relaxation experience.

What if we arrive late?

Time is very important. If for any reason you feel you are going to be late please contact me immediately. I have a specific block of time for each client. Should you arrive late, I will still have to charge full amount for whatever time is left in the block of time that was saved for your session. Now if you arrive late and I have no other clients after you, I may extend your block of time allowing you to have a full lengthed session. That is dependent on the situation.

What If You Arrive Late?

If I am to arrive late,  I will notify you and you will receive a full lengthed massage. If for any reason I need to stick to the block of time available to you, the session will be prorated.

Need Support?

Call or Text Jalen @ 602-730-5477

Referral Plan

Refer 1 person and receive half off your next massage! Reffer 5 people and receive half off any massage for life!

Informed Consent

As a client, it is the responsibility of the massage therapist to inform you of their intentions of the massage session. Once you tell them massage technique, areas that are in pain or muscles that have tension, and whatever you hope to accomplish during the massage session, the massage therapist must then give a generalization about how they recommend the treatment should go. A lot of people have issues with their lower back and often think it’s solely their lower back that is the issue which is not always the case. So the massage therapist should mention that tightness in glutes, hamstrings, and even psoas muscles can cause pain or tension in the lumbar region. They must then inform them of their intention to work on those muscles for a better chance of relief in their lower back. After giving the client that information, the client has the decision to either allow the session to flow as mentioned by the massage therapist, or simply state how they would rather have the session flow. It is always up to you, the client, to have the final say with how the massage sessions go.